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Garbage Removal

How Improper Garbage Disposal Harms the Environment

When it comes to garbage removal in Toronto, it's often "out of sight, out of mind." That means, once you've

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13 July 2022

How to Properly Dispose of Old Furniture From Your Office

There are a few reasons you might need an office furniture removal service to

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10 September 2021

How 1-800-RID-OF-IT Helps You Take Steps Towards Recycling

Every year, countless tons of waste ends up in landfills from people placing items that are still salvageable in their garbage, or hauling it to dump sites themselves. In some cases, even municipal recycling (blue

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06 April 2021

Things to Get Rid of in the Process of Moving Offices

You're moving to a new office space because you've outgrown the last one, or it's no longer serving your needs. So while you're getting ready to pack everything up, it's a perfect opportunity to get rid of some un

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21 August 2020

Helping with Garbage Disposal in the Most Unexpected Situations

Sometimes, you can take your time with a decluttering project at your home that includes calling garbage removal in Toronto to haul away the unwanted items for you. Other times, you might find yourself in charge o

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17 July 2020

Tips To Work On Yard Cleanup In This Freezing Winter

Yard cleanup and winter aren't two terms you'd normally put together in the same sentence. However, winter can actually be an ideal time to tackle some

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09 December 2019

5 Tips for Tackling Garage Decluttering

Ah…the infamous cluttered garage. This is one reason why companies that provide garbage removal in Toronto stay so busy. It happens to the best of people. Whether in a hurry, having limited space inside the hous

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16 July 2019

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