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How to Get Ready for Summer Cleanup

Most people talk about spring cleaning, but why does the major cleaning have to happen during just one season? The truth is that any season can be a good time to call

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07 June 2021

How To Achieve A Clutter-Free And Stress-Free Life

Feeling stressed out and overwhelmed? You're not alone. Many people have been spending more time in their homes in recent past, and while that may seem more comfortable – it may actually be contributing to your stress. The problem is not

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02 June 2021

How Can Businesses Handle a Huge Amount of Junk?

Junk is a fact of life for many business owners. There's everyday garbage, and then there could be a lot of excess stuff that builds up such as paper files, cardboard boxes and wood palettes, as examples. Some items

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13 May 2021

How to Dispose Of Area Rugs

Area rugs – they're a great way to add charm to a space, as well as making a hallway less slippery on hardwood. They can be simple or ornate, and some of them can be quite valuable. However, perhaps your area ru

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06 May 2021

Spring Cleaning Tips for 2021 and Beyond

Well, it's here. Spring, that is. And while we can look forward to backyard lounging and patios once again, there's another thing that's synonymous with the season: spring cleaning with help from

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15 April 2021

How to Prevent Junk from Piling Up

Clutter can sneak up on you in a hurry. You put a few things into the shed, then run out of space, and then it starts taking over your yard. Or you start using your basement as a place for items you're not sure what to do with.

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02 April 2021

Got Cleaning Resolutions for 2021? We Can Help You Stick to Them!

Perhaps you made some New Year's resolutions, like getting more exercise. Or, perhaps it was to finally declutter your home and keep it that way.

If you're finding that you're

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18 March 2021

Transformed into An AODA Compliant Website to Improve Online Experience

Some years ago, Ontario introduced some new measures called the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) to boost accessibility in a number of ways, and that includes being able to navigate websites more easily based on interna

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12 March 2021

How to Deal With Office Furniture in an Eco-Friendly Way When Moving Out

One of the biggest challenges to businesses when moving out of a space is how to deal with all of the furniture, especially if it's in your lease contract to ensure the space is emptied upon departure.

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23 February 2021

Get Ready for Winter by Clearing Out Junk

There's not much you can do about the ice and snow that's headed our way as winter draws closer on the calendar. However, there is something you can do about the clutter on your property ahead of time with help from

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17 November 2020

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