How 1-800-RID-OF-IT Helps You Take Steps Towards Recycling

Every year, countless tons of waste ends up in landfills from people placing items that are still salvageable in their garbage, or hauling it to dump sites themselves. In some cases, even municipal recycling (blue box) programs limit what type of items can be collected, even though they could be reused. Municipalities also often make you schedule bulk pickups weeks in advance, or don’t handle certain larger items that can live a new life.

Garbage removal

On the other hand, companies that specialize in garbage removal in Toronto strive to ensure the items they haul away on your behalf go to the appropriate waste stations. That means that many items that once would likely spend years decaying in a landfill can be made into new products.

Recycling Items Large and Small

For example, a garbage removal service in Toronto can pick up large appliances, some which contain harmful elements to the environment. As an added bonus, if the unit is still in working order, oftentimes garbage removal near me can pass it along to one of its community partners to be used more.

This is not to mention that the trained crew will save you time, your interior walls and possibly your back if you have heavy items like fridges washers that need to be dragged to the curb.

Of course, professional garbage removal in Toronto can take a lot of other items off your hands that may have salvageable components. They may include furniture, mattresses, e-waste (televisions and computers), as well as barbecues, loose construction materials, and more. You can even count on organic yard waste to be dealt with quickly and in the correct manner when you use a garbage removal service in Toronto.

Decreasing Impact on The Environment

By looking up garbage removal near me, you can dramatically increase your recycling while reducing your impact on the environment. Many appliances and e-waste can leak harmful substances when left in landfills, and by recycling, you also help to preserve some of the resources that went into building them.

Before you choose a garbage removal service in Toronto, be sure to ask them whether they recycle materials and what can be picked up. To learn more, contact 1-800-Rid-Of-It that recycles more than 60 percent of the materials it collects to help you achieve your green goals! Save 10% off outdoor pickups for enhanced safety.

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