How to Properly Dispose of Old Furniture From Your Office

There are a few reasons you might need an office furniture removal service to haul away your old desks, chairs, and other furniture items. They may be broken, don’t fit in with your modern decor, or are not ergonomically sound. Maybe you’re moving out of your current location, and there’s no room for them in your new one.

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Whatever the reason, you can’t leave your old office furniture lying about in the workplace. It uses up valuable floor space, and could even become a hazard. But what do you do next? Just toss them to the curb and let it all go to a landfill? No, there’s a better strategy that involves partnering with same day office junk removal.

Assess All of Your Office Furniture First

Instead of tossing furniture items as they become obsolete, do a more thorough inventory of everything you have, using a spreadsheet to keep track of every detail form dimensions to brand.

Not only will this help identify what needs to be taken away by office furniture removal near me, it can also help you know which type/how many replacements to order. It might also help identify some items of value that could be sold, such as metal filing cabinets (or maybe even an antique desk kicking around?) However, keep in mind that selling the items – and getting a fair price for them – might be more time-consuming than you’re prepared for.

Some of it could also be donated, which office furniture removal companies can also sometimes help with as they maintain lists of organizations that could use it. Donations benefit the community your business serves, and are also ideal to share in your company’s blog or newsletter.

Streamline the Process

No matter how you look at it, getting rid of old office furniture and bringing in new items is going to take a bit of planning and time. However, pairing with office furniture removal professionals means a smoother operation – not to mention less need to move heavy desks on your own.

If you’re simply getting rid of outdated chairs that don’t need to be replaced, then the project will be fairly simple (assuming you’re using same day office junk removal). However, if you’re planning to replace the items you’re discarding, you’ll want to find a supplier that can help you save money while maintaining quality (also, consider ordering furniture that can easily be recycled or re-used in the future.)

Learn more about how to make ridding your office of outdated furniture easier from 1-800-Rid-Of-It, and save 10% off pickups from outdoor areas.

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