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Frequently Asked Questions

1-800 RID-OF-IT Junk Removal Toronto provides residential and commercial trash removal throughout the greater Toronto area. Our rates include the loading of materials from anywhere on your property, and a thorough cleanup at the end of the job. We recycle up to 60% of all the junk we remove!

Things we do include:

  • appliances removal
  • trash hauling
  • yard clean up
  • garbage disposal
  • junk removal

Yes! We recycle more than 60% of everything we pick up!

1-800-RID-OF-IT Junk Removal Toronto does supply disposal bins. This solution is generally more suited to longer projects like home renovations and additions. Here, constant removal of waste material is essential to maintain a safe, orderly work environment. However, disposal bins do take up a lot of space and may block access to your driveway. If parking is a consideration, then regularly scheduled pickups might work better. Give us a call for a free consultation and find the solution that best fits your project.

We haul almost all non-hazardous materials including construction and renovation waste, yard waste, household junk, appliances, and even old smelly compost. We also remove and dispose of old appliances, garbage, junk, yard debris, old couches and more! See the
complete list of items we pickup here.

We charge based on volume per truckload. However, if the material is extremely heavy a surcharge is applied based on weight. These items may include but are not limited to;drywall,dirt,concrete,bricks,deck board

Our one-tonne rubbish hauling trucks have a 16 cubic yard (432 cubic feet) container built on the back. The container is 10.5 feet long, 8 feet wide and 5.75 feet high. This is about the same capacity as four level, loaded pick-up trucks.

Our trucks come with two strong, efficient staff, plus several shovels, brooms, and a dolly. If necessary, we can arrange for other tools like a wheelbarrow, ladder etc.

Same day or next day service is the norm.

Yes, we do offer scheduled appointments. However, since we do not know the exact size of every job before we arrive on site, we book our arrival in a two-hour window of time.

We currently offer junk hauling, garbage removal and trash hauling services throughout the greater Toronto area.

We accept Cheque, Visa, E-transfer, and Master Card.

We discourage payment by cash. Our drivers do not carry change and it can be unsafe for them to carry large amounts of cash.

Due to the nature of business, we are unable to move materials for customers as our trucks are dirty and we do not carry moving insurance.

Yes, however if the sites are more than 5 Km (3.1 miles) away, we charge as if we are doing two separate jobs at two separate sites.

1-800 RID-OF-IT Junk Removal Toronto can not haul paint cans. If they are empty, or if the paint has solidified in the container you can dispose of them in your blue bin. If your paint is still liquid, your local paint store can provide you with a list of depots in your area.

No, our trucks are not licensed to haul hazardous materials. If you have a question about a type of material, please contact 1-800-RECYCLE.

Yes, we are fully covered with Workers Compensation, General Liability and Auto Insurance.

We are licensed to operate in all jurisdictions in the greater Toronto area.

No, we can give an approximate estimate via phone, or you can use our Price Estimator that’s displayed throughout the site. We can provide a no-obligations exact estimate on-site only.

As long as we can contact you before we get rid of your items, it is not necessary for you to be on-site.

Yes. Please provide one week notice for after hour jobs.

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