Things to Get Rid of in the Process of Moving Offices

You’re moving to a new office space because you’ve outgrown the last one, or it’s no longer serving your needs. So while you’re getting ready to pack everything up, it’s a perfect opportunity to get rid of some unused items with help from garbage removal in Toronto.

garbage removal in Toronto

But what should you get rid of? Well, pretty much anything that’s been stuffed away in a storage space for a long period of time that has no real value. However, there are a few other types of items that you should consider clearing out with help from garbage disposal in Toronto.


Electronics tend to get outdated very quickly, with hardware becoming obsolete or not powerful enough to handle your newest business applications.

Short of clearing off all the data and donating them if they’re still in working order, you can have a garbage removal service handle it for you. While a lot of electronics end up in the landfill, using a company that specializes in garbage removal in Toronto is an easy solution with good chance components will be recycled.

While you’re at it, it’s a good time to get rid of those old photocopiers or any other business equipment that you plan to replace at the new location.


Everyone gets excited when management brings in new ergonomic chairs and better desks. But what happens to all of the previous items?

In some cases, they can be moved to another company location or donated. However, often these items get stuffed away into storage, and that might mean paying for a storage unit. Instead, garbage disposal in Toronto can quickly and easily haul them away for you, freeing up valuable space.

Also consider getting rid of those outdated boardroom or lunchroom tables if they don’t fit the dimensions of the new space, or if they’ve seen better days.

Manuals and Books

There’s likely shelves full of old company materials, including training manuals, schedules, and more. Many offices are switching to digital and no longer have a need for paper files, so this is a good time to get rid of them.

Look for garbage removal in Toronto that can pick up and recycle the items for you. If the information contained in the manuals is sensitive (such as company secrets or specific employee information), then you might want to consider shredding them first.

Learn more about the benefits of a garbage removal service before an office move from 1-800-Rid-Of-It, and how to save 10% off outdoor pickups.

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