How Improper Garbage Disposal Harms the Environment

When it comes to garbage removal in Toronto, it’s often “out of sight, out of mind.” That means, once you’ve disposed of it, it’s someone else’s problem. Right?

How Improper Garbage Disposal Harms the Environment

Unfortunately, this is not the case. In fact, the garbage you think is gone forever is probably doing damage to the environment. And since you’re part of it, you will also realize the negative consequences.

Let’s take a closer look at how your garbage could be impacting the earth and its inhabitants…

Soil Contamination From Garbage

Tossing plastic bottles and other trash on the ground can lead to the contamination of the surrounding soil. Plastic bottles in particular release something called DEHA, which has been linked to liver problems. Since it’s a carcinogen, it can also be a risk factor for cancer.

It’s not just “illegal” dumping that can lead to ruined soil. Even if city garbage removal services bring trash to a municipal dump, it’s likely still causing harm. The combination of harmful chemicals from landfills can leach into the surrounding groundwater, and get spread even further.

Air Pollution from Burning Trash

We all breathe the same air. With that in mind, you can be harmed by polluted air drifting in from outside your immediate area.

Burning trash is a leading culprit when it comes to air contamination. This can occur on private property, but city-operated Toronto waste removal may also burn garbage.

For example, Canada currently burns around 4% of its plastic waste, which can release harmful toxins into the air. Burning trash can negatively impact the Earth’s ozone layer that protects us from the sun’s harmful UVB rays. Burning garbage can cause breathing issues, headaches, and more.

Illegal Dumping is a Threat to Animals

Illegal dumping of garbage is an ongoing issue. People toss their waste into ditches, alleys, and other places where it’s not supposed to be. This is a headache for property owners, as well as municipal waste removal in Toronto tasked with cleaning it up.

But there’s more to it: garbage left out in the open can become dinner for wild animals. In fact, research has shown that the chemicals and plastics ingested by some animals can cause serious health issues.

Illegal dumping of trash in large bodies of water is also a problem. Plastics in particular that are dumped in lakes and oceans can suffocate aquatic life, while disturbing underwater habitats.

To recap, some downfalls of improper garbage disposal include:

• Soil contamination from landfills
• Air pollution from emissions
• Depletion of ozone
• Water pollution from plastics
• Harm to wildlife eating trash

More Recycling is Key

How do we reduce the amount of garbage that ends up in landfill, or an incinerator? Professional garbage removal in Toronto not only collects a wide variety of junk, but also hauls it to the appropriate waste station.

That means a lot more of your unwanted items including furniture and appliances can be recycled, or even donated if they’re in good shape.

Learn more about the benefit of hiring professional garbage removal services from 1-800-Rid-Of-It, and how to save 10%.

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