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Rid-Of-It continues to offer regular junk pickup services. For your peace of mind we also offer
a curbside pickup service with a 10% discount applied.

    Our customers are so happy, they're doing the junk removal dance!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Can you help with estate cleanouts in Markham?

      Yes, we can assist with estate cleanouts, offering respectful and efficient removal of junk from your Markham estate during what can be a challenging time.

    • How does your junk removal differ from other waste removal companies in Markham?

      Our junk removal services in Markham stand out due to our precision scheduling, often including same-day service options. We also emphasize a green approach, ensuring that as much removed material as possible is recycled or donated, lessening the environmental impact. Additionally, our professional team provides no-contact pickups to ensure the health and safety of our customers, all while offering competitive and transparent pricing.

    • Do you ensure clients' safety when removing junk in Markham?

      Absolutely, ensuring the safety of our clients in Markham is integral to our junk removal services. We strictly adhere to no-contact removal options and comprehensive safety protocols. Our skilled team performs each job with care to prevent property damage and efficiently manage waste, including separating hazardous materials. We are equipped with the necessary personal protective equipment and rigorously trained in safety procedures to handle your junk removal needs responsibly and safely.

    • If I have large, bulky items, can 1-800-RID-OF-IT remove them from my Markham property?

      Absolutely! We are equipped to handle large, bulky items as part of our junk removal services in Markham, making it convenient for you to get rid of oversized items without hassle.

    • Can you help remove medical waste from my Markham property?

      While we remove a broad range of junk in Markham, we do not handle medical waste due to specific health and safety regulations. For all your other non-hazardous junk removal needs, we are here to assist you with the same commitment to service and environmental responsibility. Check out What We Pick Up to get a complete list of items we pick up!

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