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Rid-Of-It continues to offer regular junk pickup services. For your peace of mind we also offer
a curbside pickup service with a 10% discount applied.

    Our customers are so happy, they're doing the junk removal dance!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What types of commercial junk removal services does 1-800-RID-OF-IT offer in Toronto?

      1-800-RID-OF-IT offers a comprehensive range of junk removal services in Toronto. Suppose you’re thinking about how to get rid of furniture, commercial freezers, construction debris, and other types of commercial waste. We specialize in all kinds of junk removal.

    • Do you provide commercial furniture removal services?

      Absolutely; 1-800-RID-OF-IT provides efficient commercial furniture removal services, helping businesses clear out old office furniture and equipment efficiently.

    • How does 1-800-RID-OF-IT handle large-scale junk removal services for commercial projects?

      1-800-RID-OF-IT is equipped to handle projects of all sizes, from small office cleanouts to large-scale commercial junk removal services, with a professional and insured team.

    • What makes 1-800-RID-OF-IT a reliable choice for commercial junk removal?

      1-800-RID-OF-IT is known for its professional, insured team members, fast and friendly service, and ability to minimize disruption to business operations, making it a reliable choice for commercial junk removal services.

    • Are the pricing options for 1-800-RID-OF-IT’s junk removal services affordable?

      1-800-RID-OF-IT offers affordable pricing options for commercial junk removal services tailored to fit different budget requirements.

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