Tips for Placing a TV at Curbside for Disposal

Both Sony and Sharp introduced the first large flat screen televisions in 1997, but a price tag of more than $15,000 limited the audience. Over the years, flat screen technology has improved, size has increased, and the price has dropped dramatically. As a result, an increasing number of people have begun putting their old television sets on the curb for disposal.

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If that scenario sounds familiar or perhaps your current TV broke, there are a few things to consider before you research professional TV disposal in Toronto. One important thing to point out is that just because a company has an excellent reputation and a host of services does not automatically mean you will pay an exorbitant price to dispose of a television. Also, the best companies offer television and computer recycling in Toronto.

Helpful Tips

Junk Removal Company – You might think that every electronic disposal service is the same when, in fact, they are all different. That means companies offer unique services, guidelines, prices, and guarantees. When you hire someone to haul off an outdated or broken TV, stereo system, or computer, make sure you select a company with an excellent reputation. As part of that, the company should adhere to an agreed-upon schedule. That way, you can set the television out immediately before the truck arrives, preventing kids from breaking the glass, tossing pieces in the street, and so on. You do not want any liability should someone or something get damaged.

Curbside Placement – When hiring a company, whether, for a recycling or electronic disposal service, a representative will advise you where to place the item at curbside. The purpose is to prevent problems yet make the item accessible to the crew that comes to take it away.

Boxing and Wrapping – Rather than putting the unwanted television in its original box, set it inside of one without any markings. Then, place the box inside of a black sealed trash bag. Not only will that lessen the chance of someone breaking it, but it also makes it easier for the trash company employees to load it onto the truck. Also, hiding the television in a plain box wrapped in a bag will prevent criminals from thinking you recently purchased a new TV, thus deterring a possible crime.

Doing Business with the Best Junk Removal Company

At 1-800-Rid-of-It, our goal is to provide excellent yet affordable services. When you contact us to discuss your needs, we will go over special instructions for the curbside pickup of your TV. Call to schedule an appointment today.

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