Professional Construction Debris Removal: Because Safety Matters

Although there are similarities between services for home versus construction debris removal, the latter entails unique risks. In fact, the potential for someone getting hurt or becoming sick is much greater when handling construction waste, which is why hiring a professional company is so critical.

Especially when a crew works on a home built before the early 1980s, there is a risk of asbestos. Because builders used this cancer-causing material in drywall, ceiling material, flooring, cabinetry, pipes, and much more, it is a major problem. If not disturbed, asbestos poses no risk, but during the construction process, tiny fibers get dislodged and become airborne. By breathing those fibers in, people get put at serious risk for developing various respiratory problems as well as cancer.

construction debris removal

Companies that provide services for construction waste disposal know about this risk as well as others. Therefore, the team wears the appropriate protective gear to protect themselves at all times during the cleanup phase. Once the waste material gets loaded onto the truck, it then gets taken to a certified construction dump that properly disposes of hazardous materials.

Another concern when dealing with construction waste is mold. Again, mold spores can become airborne, and when inhaled, they can lead to an array of health problems. Because of that, a professional team works carefully around certain materials, taking great care not to come into contact with anything that poses a risk.

Construction material also contains a lot of loose screws and nails, sharp pieces of metal, splintered wood, glass, and so on. Trying to remove this kind of debris yourself is far too risky. However, by working with a reputable company that specializes in construction waste removal, the work gets done quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Whether building a new structure or renovating an existing home or business, it is worthwhile to hire an expert to help with the removal and disposal of construction material. That way, you or family members and friends do not sustain an injury or get exposed to something potentially dangerous. In these situations, it is always best to leave the work to a highly-trained team of professionals.

If you need construction waste removed from a site, we can help. At 1-800 RID-OF-IT, we have years of experience and exceptional expertise handling related materials. We can also help you clean out a home or residential property if needed. For more information, contact us online or by phone.

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