How Do the Professionals Eradicate Your Construction Waste?

If you own or operate a construction business, a professional construction waste disposal company is valuable to you. Without a team of experts removing waste material from your construction site, your workers would need to do that. By refocusing their efforts, the project slows down, easily costing you extra money and putting your reputation on the line.

To deliver a stellar project on time, allow a respected construction debris disposal company to help. The following are some of the things you can expect.

Types of Construction Waste

Not only does a debris management company eradicate different types of construction waste, but it also recycles and repurposes whenever possible. Some of the more common materials include wood, drywall, doors, windows, masonry, such as concrete bricks and rocks, and plastic, like PEX pipes, PVC siding, and Styrofoam.

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Eradication and Recycling Process

Although every company is unique, the following is what a typical eradication and recycling process includes. Remember, you want to hire a construction waste management company, which does more than remove and dispose of materials. As mentioned, it also recycles and repurposes material if possible.

  • Landfills and Recycling Sites – Hiring a reputable construction waste removal company gives you the assurance that it disposes of material at a landfill regulated by the government. It also uses recycling sites certified for construction waste materials.
  • Source Separation – Before taking anything off-site, the company performs a “source separation.” That entails identifying and segregating unrelated waste. Doing that on the front end simplifies the rest of the process by reducing the amount of non-construction waste material removed and eradicated, recycled, or repurposed.
  • Removal – An experienced crew uses equipment for lifting heavy materials onto a truck. Depending on the size of the construction project and the volume of material, the company may use multiple trucks and make several trips.
  • Sorting – After leaving the construction site, the waste goes to a sorting station where additional experts separate everything. That ensures that material goes to the right place, whether it’s a landfill or recycling center. For instance, the company will separate reusable doors, windows, bricks, and other items whenever possible. As part of the sorting process, workers set any hazardous material missed by the source separation process aside.

A Trusted Source

1-800-Rid-of-It is a full-service waste management company, meaning we do everything mentioned and more. By following strict government regulations and company policies, we leave construction sites clean and safe. For assistance with your construction site, contact us today.

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