Avoid Getting Overpriced by Junk Removal Companies

The quote for a dumpster is what you will usually pay at the end of using the service. But overage fees might occur if you overfill the container or exceed its weight allowance. The extra fees are very avoidable if you take the right steps before calling a junk removal service in Mississauga.

Junk removal

Understanding Junk Removal in Mississauga

Avoiding fees begins with knowing the amount of debris and junk you need to dispose of. Next, you can call a few rental providers and get some quotes.

You should then choose the right size of container. If you get one that is too small, it can cost a lot of money in the long run. Look for one that is a little bigger than what you believe will hold your debris. That might only cost an extra $20 to $50, but it can give you a bit more flexibility once you start to fill the dumpster. If you rent one that is too small, you might need to get another one to finish cleaning, which will cost you more and be a hassle.

Each company has different rules about overage fees and what an average is. If the container is overflowing or overweight, you might end up with extra fees. Also, a company might prohibit you from disposing of certain items.

Cover the Dumpster in the Rain

Debris can weigh more when it is wet, particularly construction junk. If it will be raining, cover your dumpster with a tarp when you are not using it. Some junk removal services in Mississauga might even offer a cover. Or you could place the dumpster in a covered area of the property, such as a barn or a garage.

Avoid Extra Debris

It can be tempting to fill the dumpster with items besides what you were planning on putting in there, but that could cause the dumpster to be overweight. For instance, if you are demolishing a shed, you should not put other yard waste, household trash, or old junk from the garage in it unless you had previously planned on doing that.

When it comes to same-day junk removal in Mississauga, only use the dumpster for the debris or waste you chose it for originally. If you need to get rid of more than you intended, rent a larger dumpster or just rent a second one if you have enough debris to fill it.

Find the Best Same-Day Junk Removal Services in Mississauga

By doing some planning upfront, you can avoid paying too many extra fees on a dumpster rental. Working with a quality rental company will go a long way. If you want to learn more about junk removal services in Mississauga, feel free to contact Rid-Of-It Junk Removal today.

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