What’s The Difference Between Junk Pickup, Trash Removal and Waste Management?

You have piles of unwanted stuff in your home or office. It’s more than you can deal with on your own, as you have limited time and energy. You need a professional – but who? What’s the difference between a company that collects trash, and one that does junk removal in Etobicoke?

Junk Removal

If you’re looking for outside help, you will probably notice a range of descriptions for businesses that do this kind of work. Some of them may go by “waste management,” while others will specialize in “trash removal.” But are those the right ones to choose, when you have a number of bulky items to move?

The short answer to that question is “no.” However, it’s important to research in advance exactly what the company will haul for you.

Don’t Waste Your Time When You Really Need Junk Pickup in Etobicoke

Let’s start by mentioning that garbage removal in Etobicoke might be sufficient, if that’s all you have – garbage.

Garbage/trash removal is often designed to be an ongoing service that helps you manage your garbage accumulation. These types of services will often arrive periodically (weekly or monthly) to haul away your trash. Trash/garbage removal is also typically aimed at items that can’t be recycled.

When you see “waste removal” in the company description, it can mean a variety of things. Some of these types of companies will collect your construction debris, your electronic waste, as well as your organic materials. Others specialize in hazardous waste that some municipal programs won’t touch, such as chemicals.

These services can be valuable to help manage your ongoing trash production. However, if you have major clutter and larger items taking up space, then they might not be the right choice for you.

Junk Pickup in Etobicoke Is The Solution For Bulkier Items

While trash removal companies will haul away bags of garbage for you, they may not handle everything you need to dispose of. That’s where junk pickup in Etobicoke enters the picture.

These companies are also trained to carry larger items – like furniture and broken appliances – out of your premises. They are also knowledgeable about whether items can be recycled or donated, taking some burden off of landfills.

While waste removal can happen on a schedule, Etobicoke junk removal is typically requested on an “as needed” basis. That could be following a renovation, or if you finally want to get rid of that old fridge from the garage. It could also mean hauling away piles of yard debris after doing some outdoor maintenance.

You may want to choose junk pick up in Etobicoke if:

• You want to be rid of heavy furniture and appliances that you can’t move yourself
• Piles of loose debris in the home or office are becoming a tripping/fire hazard
• You would rather some of the collected items be recycled/donated when possible
• You don’t have the time/energy to properly prepare all of your junk for the curb

Be Sure About What The Company Offers First

The bottom line is that you should pay special attention to what the trash or junk pickup service in Etobicoke will haul away. Assess your ongoing needs and the type of debris you want to dispose of, and decide based on those factors.

To learn more about the benefits of junk removal Etobicoke, contact 1-800-Rid-Of-It and save 10% off outdoor pickups.

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