What Not To Store In A Garage After You Have Completed A Cleanout

Like many people, you probably use your garage for storage more than anything else. Maybe you just haven’t found space elsewhere in your home, and it all somehow ends up in the garage.

But there’s one way to avoid the need for junk removal in Scarborough – don’t put certain items in there to begin with.

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Not only do some of these items take up space, they can also become hazards. So after your next cleanup from a junk removal service, be sure to avoid putting these things in your garage.

Paper and Cardboard

The garage is not the place to be for paper products, as they can be damaged by humidity. This is especially important if it’s irreplaceable photographs or important documents.

Storing certain paper items in the garage can encourage mold growth. At the same time, you might accidentally invite certain insects into the space to feed on the cardboard.

A Fridge

While it’s convenient to have a fridge in the garage to grab a beverage while you’re working on your vehicle, it’s not a good idea. Fridges perform better in more stable temperatures indoors, and that means food might not be cooled the way it should be.

It can also put strain on your energy bill as the unit has to work harder in hot weather. If your fridge isn’t working, junk removal companies can take care of deposal for you.

Propane Tanks

Maybe you have an extra tank or two for your barbecue, but in any case, don’t keep them in your garage. There’s the potential that the valve may be left open, which can let gas escape into the space and become dangerous, as it can be explosive.

Vinyl Records

If you’ve got a rare collection of vinyl that you’ve been acquiring over the years, the garage is one of the last places you’ll want to store them. Not only will you potentially attract critters like mice, the high humidity in garages can also warp the records and make them unusable, which will prompt you to find junk removal in Scarborough.


So winter’s over and you need a place for all those blankets and comforters. Fair enough – just don’t put them in the garage, unless you don’t mind attracting animals that love bedding materials for nests such as raccoons and even skunks.

Your garage is a space that runs hot and cold, and the humidity is often high too. So before placing these items for safekeeping in the garage, consider another spot inside your home that’s room temperature and dry.

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