What Is in Your Yard’s Trash? Segregation, Removal, and Disposal

As you look at the piles upon piles of trash in your yard, you may feel overwhelmed. Then, when you consider the work involved to clean it all up, you can become even more stressed. After all, to handle all the yard waste removal, you would need to complete the monumental task of segregating, removing, and disposing of everything.

yard waste removal

Not only are these three processes time-consuming, but without expertise and the appropriate equipment, it is a back-breaking job. Fortunately, this is not something that you have to tackle alone. With professional debris removal services from a reputable company, a team will swoop in and have your trash gone in no time.

Segregating, Removing, and Disposing of Trash

There are many benefits to choosing a respected company that provides debris removal services. For instance, these companies understand that every customer has unique circumstances. For that reason, they work hard to be as flexible as possible. The right company will gladly arrange a yard waste pickup schedule that coordinates specifically with your needs. Even if you work during the day or on the weekends, the trash removal company will offer the perfect solution.

After performing an assessment of your yard’s trash and coming to an agreement, the work begins.

  • Segregation – For this, experts will go through all the items strewn about your yard, placing them in one of three piles: disposal, recyclable, or repurposing. Instead of trying to identify things that you want to pass down to family members or friends before the crew arrives, you can do that after the segregation process. That will make it easier to find things but also prevent you from sustaining an injury while scouring through piles of trash in the yard.
  • Removal – Once the team of experts segregates everything, they will place the items onto one or more trucks depending on the volume of trash involved. Before disposing of anything, a reputable company will take everything to a sorting facility that performs a second segregation process to ensure that each item goes to the right place.
  • Disposal – The company sets aside anything it feels has repurposing potential for businesses that specialize in turning trash into treasure. When it comes to disposable waste, the company will take those items to a government-regulated landfill. As for recyclables, those things go to a certified facility.

Superior Service at an Affordable Price

With the quality of yard waste removal services and the low prices that we offer at 1-800-Rid-of-It, there is no reason to have a yard filled with trash. We would love the opportunity to help you regain control of your property. Visit us online or call today to start the segregation, removal, and disposal processes.

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