What is Considered Yard Waste?

Whether you take advantages of the services provided by the city or you hire a professional company, you need to understand what each considers Toronto yard waste. The reason is the list of things the city hauls away is typically different from those removed by independent companies. Therefore, if you opt to hire a company for yard waste in Toronto, you need a clear understanding of what it will and will not take.

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As part of the city’s yard waste management system, it picks up various types of yard waste on the same day it collects trash. For this service, you can have small tree trunks, stumps, and limbs hauled away. The city also accepts corn stalks, pumpkins, mulch, weeds, brush, and in January, Christmas trees. However, Toronto does not take sod, soil, or grass clippings.

The biggest problem in relying on Toronto’s yard waste management program is that a lot of the material ends up in landfills. Although the city does work with various organizations by donating yard waste for them to create compost, a significant number of things are not recycled. Especially if you support the green movement, this raises concerns.

In comparison, when you hire a reputable company for yard waste in Toronto, you can expect a different solution. Along with the items mentioned, you can have additional items hauled off. Included are leaves, flowers, trees, sod, mulch, and even broken fencing, flower pots, and more. In other words, the right company provides a much broader service.

If you take measures to live a green lifestyle, you can even hire a company to remove yard waste that follows eco-friendly practices. Not only will a reputable company have trucks with low fuel emissions, but it also recycles up to 60 percent of the waste picked up. In some cases, organizations turn yard waste into compost while, other times, they use stumps and branches to create beautiful furniture.

In Toronto, yard waste means different things to different companies. For that reason, it is essential that you research companies with experience and expertise in this area. Also, consider hiring a company that removes unwanted and unused items from inside and outside homes and businesses. That way, you can rely on one trusted source for all your cleanup needs.

If you have any concerns, a trusted company will send a representative to your location to assess the situation. During that time, the individual can point out the things the company can and cannot haul away. The representative will also provide you with a free estimate for the services given.

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