Valuable Advice To Get Organized For Your Basement Cleanout

Your basement: it’s 600 square feet or more of potential. The problem is that it’s completely filled with junk and clutter, so it’s almost unusable for anything else until you call for junk removal in Etobicoke.

Junk Removal in Etobicoke

That’s a shame, because it could be a relaxing entertainment area complete with a bar, a playroom for your kids, or a place to rent out to tenants if it all meets code. Instead you’re staring at a sea of stuff that you haven’t used in years, and some of it you’re not even sure where it came from.

Sort it Out

First, try to have a vision for the space, whether it’s a home office in one corner or a play area in the other.

This is when you need to be a bit ruthless with your belongings: take some time to sort out the items and determine what needs to go (the rule of thumb is that if you haven’t used it for two years or more, you likely don’t need it.) Also decide what can be salvaged or donated.

You can have four boxes ready during this process: one of them for items you’d like to keep (in the basement), with another for items you’d like to keep but relocate. For this latter step, the vision of what you’d like to do with the space will help you meet that goal. The other two boxes are for junk or donations.

Do one space at a time, as trying to tackle all of the clutter at once can feel a little overwhelming. Clear each shelf and open up cabinets and drawers for hidden junk. When you’ve decided what items you really don’t need anymore, let experienced junk removal companies handle hauling it all away for you.

Organize For Ease

When the piles are sorted and you’ve already searched junk removal near me on your computer to purge your unwanted stuff, then it’s time to put back what you’re keeping in the basement in a more organized fashion.

Arrange the remaining items in zones so it’s easier to create what you have in mind, whether it’s an office or an entertainment area. If you have shelving, consider putting the same type of items on each to them separated from the others or use dividers. Storage carts with wheels might be handy if you want to move things around differently later.

When it comes to getting ready for a successful basement cleanout, having reliable junk removal in Etobicoke can go a long way.

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