Tips To Work On Yard Cleanup In This Freezing Winter

Yard cleanup and winter aren’t two terms you’d normally put together in the same sentence. However, winter can actually be an ideal time to tackle some yard waste removal if you know the right approach.

So while you probably can’t wait to get back out to the garden to work away while listening to the birds sing, there are some things you can do in the dead of winter to keep your green thumb occupied until spring.

Yard Waste Removal

Winter Can Be Ideal For Pruning

For example, the colder season is actually a time when you could be pruning bushes, trees, and shrubs, when they’re dormant. They’re also free some leaves and flowers, making the branches easier to see in order to determine the condition.

This practice of winter pruning can actually help encourage growth when things warm up while helping to prevent disease and insects from destroying the plant.

For example, some types of roses (with the exception of once-blooming varieties) can be pruned during the winter – and pruning your apple trees can actually help it bear more fruit.

If you’re going to tackle some pruning in the winter, keep a few tips in mind. Wait until the conditions are relatively mild (above freezing) and dry, and target dead or dying branches first. After that, you can continue to thin the branches to allow more exposure to air and sunlight. Toronto yard waste services can help you remove yard waste from your property, any time of year.

Of course, not all plants can be pruned in winter. Stay away from pruning spring-blooming flowering shrubs and trees including lilacs and hydrangeas.

Staying On Top Of Ice Damage

Winter also means the possibility of ice buildup on branches that can add weight and snap them, so keep an eye out for signs of damage when there’s freezing rain or excess snow.

Following a storm, it’s best to proactively trim damaged branches that could easily snap and cause damage or injury (but don’t cut off healthy-looking branches that are temporarily weighted down, as they will usually return to form on their own). Cutting back branches to the trunk or to the main branch can also help prevent decay from entering the tree through a breakage.

Also, look for branches that could end up sagging onto power lines and present a potential hazard. Waste removal in Toronto can help you discard of all the bundled branches that won’t fit into yard waste bags easily.

You may want to consult an arborist to help you with tree trimming, as it can be dangerous if not handled properly. However, a reputable junk company like 1-800-Rid-Of-It can help you with yard waste removal.

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