Tips for Spring Cleaning During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Hello spring, hello cleaning. 

This time of the year usually means household members are busy doing a deep cleaning of their houses. However, this year spring cleaning is looking a lot different compared to the previous years. You’ll be using a lot more disinfectants and looking for different ways for junk removal in Mississauga

It is understandable that staying home can be highly frustrating but there are many experts who say that when you take on cleaning and organizing projects can make you feel better and a lot more productive during these chaotic times. Cleaning is a great way to relax your mind and reduce some stress. 

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Here are some tips for spring cleaning during the pandemic. 

  • Clean High Touch or Traffic Areas 

Identify areas of your house that are frequently touched or accessed by people in your house. While many people are at home there are still some that are essential workers and are more likely to be exposed to the virus. You may also go grocery shopping and be exposed. There are high chances of you carrying the virus back home and possibly spreading it by touching various surfaces. 

  • Use the Right Cleaning Agents 

Not all cleaning liquids are effective in killing viruses. The Centers for Disease Control has recommended using a diluted household bleach solution or an alcohol cleaning solution with at least 70% alcohol. Common liquids like vodka, homemade hand sanitizer or vinegar are not really effective so avoid using those. 

  • Organize your Bathroom and Kitchens 

Both bathrooms and kitchens tend to get very messy very quickly and both also happen to be high traffic areas of the house. You can start with the bathroom by first disinfecting doorknobs, handles, taps, etc. before you start organizing. The next step could be to get rid of any old items like old trashcans, soap holders, bottles, or more. Sorting through the medicine cabinet and vanity, tossing those nearly empty bottles as well as cosmetics, personal care products and medications that have expired is a good way to clean up.

In the kitchen and pantry, get rid of anything old, expired, or unused. If you’ve not used it until now, you’re probably not going to use it anytime soon. 

  • Clean Out Your Closet 

Even though donation centers may not be open right now, that doesn’t excuse you from clearing out all the closets at home. Collect your old and torn clothes, shoes, and other items that you’ve not used in months and set up an appointment with the service provider of junk removal in Mississauga and they’ll pick it right off from the curbside.

Mississauga Junk Removal Provider: Rid-Of-It 

It is advisable not to go dispose of your junk on your own to minimize risk and exposure. However, we’re still operating services and offering a 10% discount for junk removal that can be picked up by our staff from the curbside, front porch, garage, shed, or other outdoor areas. Just place your junk outside and we’ll get it out of the way.

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