Tips for Managing Construction Waste the Smart Way

When it comes to running a successful construction company, you have to factor in multiple considerations. One of these entails managing waste the smart way. Not only do you want to protect the environment, but you also want to eliminate risks for your workers and avoid hefty fines for not handling construction debris removal correctly.

With a few easy-to-follow tips, you will make all the right decisions.

construction debris removal
  • Random Hiring – The last thing you want to do is hire some random guy off the street who promises to dispose of your construction material for a ridiculously low price. While this might be tempting, it is a good way to find yourself in hot water. After all, there are laws to follow for construction waste disposal, which is why leaving this type of project to an expert is always the best solution.
  • Research – Before hiring anyone, make sure you ask all the right questions. For instance, you need to inquire if a company of interest offers free on-site estimates. Also, find out how quickly the company can have a team on-site and how long it will take to finish the job. While this might sound obvious, you should make sure you choose a company that provides both clean-up and construction waste disposal. Finally, ensure you go with a business that follows the law for disposing of this type of material. In other words, the company should take the debris to a certified dumping station and never throw away hazardous materials.
  • Sharing Information – Even if a company sends a representative to your construction site, inform the individual you speak with about the type of material you have for disposal. Often, companies that offer removal and disposal services categorize debris as waste from new construction, including scrap material and packaging, demolition and remodeling, which includes plaster, fixtures, wood, insulation, and other similar materials, and debris that comes from larger projects such as bridge and highway work. That way, they can provide you a more accurate price quote and time estimate for completing the work.
  • Hire a Professional – There is no question that a professional construction debris removal service is the best option. By choosing a reputable company, you will receive excellent service at a competitive price.
  • Recycling – Along with taking debris to a certified site, ask the company you want to hire if it recycles. Because an increasing number of customers prefer eco-friendly solutions, this is not hard to find.

We Have You Covered

At 1800-Rid-of-It, we follow all laws pertaining to the removal and disposal of construction debris. We also have an incredible team of experts that performs stellar work. For an affordable and efficient solution for your construction site, contact us today.

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