Things to Know While Removing Old Office Furniture

If yours is like many workplaces, you probably have old chairs, tables and desks stored somewhere in the building (on in a storage unit.) While you continuously try to ensure your new furniture is functional and ergonomic, existing furniture gets set aside awaiting to be removed by office junk removal in Toronto.

However, other than just leaving the furniture at the curb and hoping for the best, there’s a few things to consider. While many office junk removal services will make short work of ridding your premises from old and broken furniture, you should consider how they will do it.

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Who Does The Heavy Lifting, And To Where?

For example, will they do the heavy lifting, or is getting the items to the curb up to you? Some older furniture can weigh a ton, so having an office junk removal crew trained to remove these kinds of items without causing damage to your premises (or getting injured in the process) is important.

But there’s more to consider than how the items will be handled. It’s also where it will end up. While office junk removal in Toronto will often take it straight to a dump, others will look for families in need of certain furniture items, with the help of charitable groups. That means if your old furniture is still in usable condition, someone else might be able to get use of it! That’s a win-win situation for you and the recipients. Be sure to try and clean the furniture before donating to lessen the burden on the next owners.

Can The Items Be Salvaged?

Of course, you could try listing the furniture on online marketplaces. But keep in mind that you will often be responsible for delivering the items to the buyer unless you make alternate arrangements. And of course, the buyer probably won’t be willing to go into your office to extract these clunky items (and it could be an insurance issue to let them do so.)

In other cases, you can find office junk removal services that will take the old furniture to a recycling centre that can reuse many of the components from wood to metal – and even the fabric in some cases.

Having old furniture hanging around can be a waste of space for useful purposes, not to mention becoming a potential pest or fire hazard. By having an office junk removal plan in place, you can stay on top of it and ensure the transition goes smoothly.

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