The Most Common Ways To Remove Waste From Home Renovations

Investing in your home is never a bad idea, whether you’re redecorating the kitchen or upgrading the bathroom.

After all, not only can a renovation make your home more functional, it can also improve its curb appeal and even its market value.

junk removal service

However, as you may already know from DIY or contractor projects, it can leave a lot of mess behind that requires a major cleanup. There are a few ways to deal with the junk, such as having junk removal companies handle for you.

Rent a Bin

Some junk removal companies will bring a bin of various sizes to your property so you can easily toss all the renovation waste into it during the work or after. The same companies will then haul it all away after a predetermined number of days.

This option is fairly easy, affordable, and keeps all discarded items in one place.

Rent a Truck

This method of ridding your property of waste can be costly, as you have to pay for not only the rental of the truck, but possibly disposal fees at the dump too that can add up fast. You could also find a buddy who has a truck and compensate them for their time along with a tip – which could be making them lunch.

Meanwhile, a junk removal service will often charge a flat fee to haul construction garbage away for you.

Leave It At The Curb

Depending on the municipal laws, you might be limited to how much trash you can leave at the curb each week, as well as which materials can be collected. While you can also try fitting a bit of waste in the bins at a time, it could take awhile before it’s all gone. This option might only be viable for smaller jobs.

Hire Junk Removal Companies

This can often be the most convenient option, because many junk removal companies will collect the waste for you and haul it away to the appropriate waste station for one flat fee. If there’s heavy lifting to be done, you can leave it in the capable hands of a junk removal service to take care of for you.

Home renovations can improve your living space, but also be a hassle for cleanup afterwards. Learn how to take away that burden with the help of junk removal companies from 1-800-Rid-Of-It.

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