The Best Method to Dispose of Old Furniture

At some point, you will want to replace some of the old and broken furniture in your home or office. Unless it’s an antique, there’s no point letting useless chairs and tables take up space. That’s when it’s time to call on companies that specialize in old furniture disposal.

old furniture disposal

But why would you hire furniture removal in Toronto, when you can just put the old stock at the curb? Well, there are some advantages that you may not have considered. Here are a few of them…


When you rely on municipal pickup for your old furniture, you’re often at the mercy of the city’s schedule. That could mean leaving the items at the curb for days or weeks. In some cases, the municipality may not pick up certain items at all.

However, if you need furniture removal in Mississauga, oftentimes the company will do it the same or next day. Whether you’re a landlord clearing out the previous tenant’s junk, or an office manager bringing in new desks for staff, timing is important.


Since most furniture contains recyclable components such as wood, metal, and plastic, it’s important to ensure the materials get re-used. Hauling the old furniture to the dump is not the best route for recycling.

If you choose furniture disposal in Toronto, you can be sure that the items will be taken to a recycling plant when possible. The wood and other items can be used in new products, instead of extracting more raw materials.


If you have old tables and chairs that are still in usable shape, they might serve a purpose for someone else. Old furniture disposal companies often maintain lists of local organizations that could use such donations.

This is a win-win-win situation. You get rid of the unwanted items, the recipient saves the money for new furniture, and the environment benefits from the diversion from landfill.

You can also give away or even sell the items on your own. But keep in mind that might mean delivering them yourself.


Toronto furniture removal makes sense in more than one way. Not only is it a quick way to clear out old furniture, but it’s also easier. That’s because a trained crew will handle your bulk items so you don’t risk injury or damage.

On top of that, there’s the fact that Toronto furniture disposal will take the furniture for recycling or donation when possible, lessening the impact on the environment.

Trust Mississauga Furniture Removal

Whether you’re in Toronto or Mississauga, you can make life easier by calling a furniture removal professional. They know how to properly handle the heavy items, and will ensure the applicable materials are recycled.

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