Tackling The Huge Pile of Junk During the Pandemic Move Out

Perhaps you no longer need as big of a physical space as many of your staff is working remotely, and you’ve chosen a smaller location. Maybe you’re at the end of a lease, and the rates are going up. Or maybe you’re planning to put a lot of the office belongings into storage until further notice.

junk removal service

Whatever the reason for moving out, a junk removal service is a valuable partner in this situation. It can complete the job efficiently and safely, which is important during the current pandemic.

Following Enhanced Safety Protocols

A professional junk removal service in Toronto knows the rules to follow, and that includes staying a safe distance from others during the job. In fact, some companies can also conduct the work after hours to further enhance safety. That means you don’t have to be on-site either to supervise the cleanout as long as you’ve set it up ahead of time.

While you may have a bunch of boxes from shipments lying about that can be used for storing items you want to keep, it may not be safe to use them. That’s because the COVID-19 virus can live on certain surfaces for days at a time. In this case, you might want to buy some new boxes for the purpose of moving out.

If you intend to move to another location, then it’s wise to secure the space ahead of time. You can do this safely by taking a virtual tour of the space, which is becoming a more popular way for landlords and real estate agents to show off a unit. If you don’t, you can move some of the items to a storage unit, which can be cleaned out by searching junk removal service near me later on.

A Prime Chance To Rid Your Space From Junk

If anything, moving out during the pandemic can be a way to assess what you actually need to keep, and what you can get rid of through a junk removal service. Making a list of belonging and categorizing them can help streamline the process.

This is especially helpful if you’re moving your team into a smaller office that doesn’t have as much room for extras. Make sure the junk removal service in Toronto has eco-friendly practices such as recycling or donating when possible while following all pandemic safety measures.

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