Steps to Take Before the Junk Removers Arrive

You’ve already recognized that your residential or commercial junk is out of control, and that it’s time for junk removal in Oakville to tackle it all for you.

junk removal in the GTA

It could include that old fridge in the garage that’s tough to move, as well as that pile of wooden skids in the backyard. There’s also a rolled up old carpet in the basement that needs to go, and an obsolete photocopier taking up space in the office.

However, while a junk company can quickly discard of large or smaller items you no longer want, there are a number of ways you can prepare for the visit so things go even more smoothly.

From creating the initial list of items to discard, to calling for a quote, here are some tips if you’re looking to partner with junk pick up in Oakville.

Inventory What Needs to Go

The first thing you should do, long before you pick up the phone for Oakville junk removal services, is to figure out exactly what you own and what needs to be thrown out.

Go through each room one at a time, as to not get overwhelmed. Make a list of everything that’s in the room that’s not bolted down. Then, when you’ve completed the list, you can start the work of separating the items into categories.

More specifically, try the “three pile” approach. They will represent the items you want to keep, the ones that you want Oakville garbage pick up to deal with, and the ones that have some value for donating. Keep in mind that some Oakville junk removal companies also donate collected items such as books and furniture to local organizations. (You could also try selling the items privately through an online marketplace or a yard sale, the latter if permitted in your area.)

It’s not limited to inside your home. Make sure to check the shed and other outdoor areas on your property to record that big pile of tree branches (some junk removal services in Oakville collect organic waste), that rusting barbecue, and that loose collection of renovation waste.

Do Some Basic Cleaning

A quick vacuuming of carpets and some dusting can go a long way to making the junk pickup less messy, especially if you’ve just completed a renovation in the space.

While the crews are careful, moving junk could kick dust and other particulates into the air. This can settle on furniture that’s staying, not to mention become a respiratory irritant.

It may be easier to clean hidden spaces and under larger items once you’ve sorted everything into piles.

Look For Infestations

Unfortunately, piles of junk can attract a lot of unwanted visitors to your home. For example, old cardboard boxes are an ideal breeding ground for rodents. Stacks of wood outside can attract pests such as termites.

Having to deal with an infestation during a visit from junk removal services in Oakville is not ideal. Disturbing the piles of junk outside can send critters scurrying in all directions, including into your home.

If you know of an active infestation, whether outside or inside your home, it’s wise to inform Oakville junk pick up about it in advance. That way, the crew can take the right precautions, and possibly clear the way for the pest removal process.

Clear a Path For Junk Items

When you call for junk pick up in Oakville, you can be confident it will send capable staff to move heavy appliances and furniture out of your premises.

However, while the crews are often trained how to carry heavy items, you can do them a favour by moving obstacles out of their way. If there are some easy-to-move pieces of furniture or a stack of toys in the middle of the room, moving it first will help ensure there are no mishaps.

Try to move items that you want to keep far from the path the junk will take on its way out. That will help prevent any damage to them (and they won’t get added to the junk pile accidentally.)

In the same spirit of clearing away barriers inside, the same applies for outside. If you’re using junk removal in Oakville during the winter, there’s a good chance the ground will be covered in ice and/or snow.

In this case, it will help speed things up if you shovel a wide path for junk to be carried out of the yard. You can also do the crew a favour by tackling any ice that’s formed on the ground that’s a slipping hazard.

Preparation Leads to More Peace of Mind

To recap, there are four major things you can do to help before the junk removal company arrives:

• Make a list of your belongings in each room
• Sort them into piles of what to keep, toss, or donate/sell
• Do some light cleaning, especially if a renovation took place
• Remove indoor and outdoor barriers that can slow down the removal
• Call for a quote (use your list for ease)!

Following these steps can make the visit from Oakville garbage pick up smoother for everyone! Learn more about the benefits of hiring a junk company or ask how you can help in advance from 1-800-Rid-Of-It. You can also save 10% off outdoor pickups.

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