Simple Tips to Help Keep Order in Your Yard

When you think of household messes, you might think only about the inside of the property. It’s true the indoor is a common place for clutter, there are still reasons to consider yard waste removal for your outdoor debris.

Yard Junk

Many items can gather over time in your yard, ranging from old rusty barbecues to organic waste like tree branches. It can create unsightly piles and even hazards, if not dealt with properly through yard waste disposal in Toronto.

Get Rid of Bigger Junk

A lot of stuff that no longer works or you don’t need can end up in your yard. Perhaps you plan to fix that old barbecue one day – or not. It has been sitting there for two years now.

These are the types of items, along with outdated patio furniture, that can take up space on your property. Perhaps you haven’t moved them to the curb because they’re too heavy, but that’s where yard waste removal companies come into the picture.

These companies are trained to handle heavier items like old furniture. They also know whether each collected item can be recycled – or in some cases – donated. This will remove the need to move it yourself, not to mention drive it to a dump.

Once you’ve tackled the larger items that have been unnecessarily taking up space while being an eyesore, you can move on to the other junk.

Stay On Top of Organic Clutter

It comes every year – autumn. And with it comes piles and piles of leaves falling from trees in your yard. These falling leaves can cause a big headache quick, unless you’re ready to tackle it.

One way to achieve this is by gathering up the leaves once a week, rather than letting them all shed and dealing with them. By doing a bit at a time, you can make it much more manageable with help from yard waste removal in Toronto.

This also applies if you’re doing tree/plant maintenance during other seasons of the year. Whether you’re left with the remnants of a bush, or you’re trimming dead branches off your maple, yard waste removal services can lessen the burden afterwards.

Another option is to get a yard composter. When you compost your organic waste on site, you can use some of it as soil conditioner – while also reducing how much food ends up in the trash.

Rent/Buy a Wood Chipper

You probably have a lot of stray branches in your yard, either taken down by a saw or by the wind. In either case, this wood doesn’t have to go to waste – it can be used again on your property.

More specifically, you can use the chips created from your leftover wood as much in your yard. These natural wood chips can help nourish soil for better plant growth, as well as improve the look of your property.

Trust Yard Waste Disposal in Toronto

Know you know at least four ways to manage the waste in your yard:

• Dispose of larger, broken items with help from yard waste disposal in Toronto
• Get a backyard composter to turn organic waste into natural soil conditioner
• Consider using a wood chipper to turn leftover wood into natural mulch for gardens

Learn more about how yard waste removal in Toronto can help from 1-800-Rid-Of-It, and save 10% off outdoor pickups.

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