Relocating Office to a New Space? Here Is How to Clear Out the Old Furniture

We’ve seen a lot of companies moving to a new building in recent months, but it’s not a new trend. Whatever the reason – whether it’s to upsize, downsize or take advantage of a different market – there’s always the challenge of dealing with bulky junk items.

office junk removal in Toronto

That’s where office junk removal in Toronto comes into the picture. They can help you make shorter work of an office cleanout, and that includes disposing of old or broken furniture that you don’t want to bring with you to the new location.

Chances are you’ve got old chairs, desks, and more stuffed away in storage, or crammed into corners of the workspace. Not only do these items lend to clutter, they also will cost you more if you have to bring them with you or pay for storage.

Make a List First

Before calling an office clean out service, take an inventory of all of the furniture in your office. This is a quick way to determine how many items will be coming with you or heading off for disposal, recycling or donation through same day office junk removal.

Don’t just count chairs and desks – make sure you include all items that could fall under the category of furniture, such as filing cabinets, meeting/lunch tables, cubicle dividers, and even desk lamps. Many of these items can be disposed of if they’re outdated, but it may also be necessary if your new space is smaller.

Sell or Donate Bulky Furniture Items

Another option is to offer the items for sale to your staff at reduced prices or let them haul it off (if they have their own transport) to use in a home office as people are spending more time working from remote locations. You could also consider donating the items through an office clean out service, which sometimes maintain lists of recipients that could use them.

If your old furniture is not in good enough shape to re-use, sell, or donate, don’t waste your time dragging it to the curb without making arrangements with office junk removal in Toronto first. Depending on municipal waste rules, the bulky items you leave at the curb during collection may be ignored, leaving you to scramble to deal with it at the last moment.

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