Recycling After Construction Debris Removal

After extensive planning, you finally got your home remodel project finished. However, before you can get too excited, the company must complete one more step: construction debris removal. As someone interested in doing what it takes to ensure a healthy environment, you question how the company completes this part of the job and where the debris goes.

Unlike hauling away junk, like damaged furniture, broken appliances, old tires, and so on, concrete debris removal is unique. In addition to slabs of old concrete, a junk removal company must have both the experience and expertise to deal with other materials, including old doors and windows, wood, glass, roofing, metal and plastic pipes, electrical wiring, nails and screws, and so on.

construction debris removal

Not only is there a potential risk of injury in handling these materials, there is also the possibility of illness associated with asbestos, mold, and other toxic substances. Also, materials left behind after your home remodel must get disposed of correctly, meaning a professional waste removal company takes everything to a certified construction dump. For these reasons, it is imperative that you hire a reputable company to remove all construction debris.

During the cleanup phase of the project, a team of highly trained and experienced professionals will place building materials inside of construction waste disposal containers. Once the bins are full or the cleanup process gets finished, the same company will haul everything away, again to an appropriate dump designated for construction waste.

However, instead of just dumping the material, the experts will go through and sort out anything recyclable. For instance, if you had doors and windows replaced, they could get recycled for new items or would get reused. The same goes for any metal, plastic, glass, and so on.

Only actual “junk” ends up in the dump site, while everything else gets repurposed. Ultimately, you end up with a beautifully remodeled home while having peace of mind that the construction debris gets handled safely and appropriately.

Trusting the Professionals

For concrete debris removal, as well as other waste associated with your remodeled home, our team at 1-800 RID-OF-IT has the necessary knowledge and skills. For more information, please visit our website. To get an estimate, contact us by phone to speak with a company representative. We take great pride in cleaning up construction sites and doing our part in supporting the environment.

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