Prevent Mosquito Breeding by Hiring a Toronto Yard Waste Removal Firm

You toss leaves, grass clippings, dead branches, tree stumps, and other items in a pile in your backyard without realizing the potential danger. Not only is the pile unsightly, but it creates the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos. By hiring a reputable Toronto yard waste removal firm, you can get the mess cleaned up quickly, thereby preventing a health risk to you, your family, and even pets.

With an increase in the number of illnesses caused by mosquito bites, including the potentially life-threatening West Nile and Zika viruses, professional yard waste collection is not only convenient but also essential. Although you and others can take precautions like covering as much skin as possible when outside, applying an insect repellant to exposed areas, eliminating any standing water around your home, and replacing any damaged screens, the only way to get full protection from mosquito bites is with professional yard waste removal.

Mosquitos notoriously carry certain diseases. They find warm, moist places where they can thrive and breed. Typically, these annoying pests are most active between dusk and dawn when the air is the calmest. In Toronto as well as other places, mosquitoes stay active from the early part of summer until late fall. However, in regions with a consistently warm climate, they pose a risk year-round.

What happens with yard waste is that mosquitos burrow inside where they lay eggs that become larvae. After reaching adulthood, the insects fly away. However, with yard waste lying around, your backyard becomes a threat to humans and pets. Also, their small bodies can get inside through the tiniest holes and cracks in window and door screens.

By hiring a firm to perform yard waste removal, you turn your backyard space into a safe zone while dramatically reducing the risk of mosquitos getting inside your home. While the risk of contracting a dangerous disease from a mosquito bite is relatively small, taking the necessary precautions by having your yard cleaned up ensures further protection. A quick and affordable solution goes a long way in keeping everyone safe.

Creating a Safe Environment

At 800-Rid-of-It, we offer superior yard waste collection services at competitive prices. By calling a company representative or contacting us via our website, we will come to your home and get rid of the waste materials, thereby preventing mosquito breeding and significantly reducing their presence.

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