Old Appliances: Store or Junk?

Old appliances might have some rustic charm, or be passed down from family. You may want to hang on to them for sentimental reasons, or perhaps you think you can score some cash from an online marketplace (which may require you to transport it to the buyer) or a garage sale.

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However, even if they’re still working, chances are they are not energy efficient and use a lot more power than modern appliances. Not only that, but modern appliances have more advanced features and fit in better if you’re upgrading your decor.

So whether the old appliances are working or not, you might want to consider junk pickup in Toronto to take them off your hands.

Avoid Throwing Out Old Appliances

Getting rid of a clunky old stove or even something smaller like an old blender/mixer might not be as easy as hauling them to the dump yourself. Aside from the burden of trying to move a (possibly) cast-iron appliance, which can be backbreaking and tricky work, they may contain components that are harmful to the environment.

For example, old fridges contain chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which have been shown to be detrimental to the earth’s ozone layer and can contribute to global warming. Other harmful substances in fridges and freezers can include mercury and oil.

Recycle With Junk Removal and Pickup in Toronto

A company that specializes in junk removal in Toronto is often trained to remove items from your home or office without damaging anything. Aside from that, it will bring your item to the appropriate transfer station or even donate it if it’s in good working order.

There are many components of older appliances that can have a new life. Components made of metal, plastic, and even the oil can be taken to the right recycling plant by junk pickup in Toronto to ensure resources are preserved and it doesn’t end up in a landfill where it can impact groundwater.

Free Up Space

Another consideration is how much space old appliances can take up in a garage or other storage method. Getting rid of them with the help of junk removal in Toronto means opening up more floor space and reducing clutter, which can help reduce your stress levels.

Learn more about the reasons to recycle old appliances from 1-800-Rid-Of-It, which is currently offering 10% off pickup of items from areas outside the home to address COVID-19.

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