Junk Removal for Roofing Projects

If you operate a roofing business or have helped put up a roof before, you know it can be a complicated process. By the end of the day, you look down to see the ground littered with old shingles or other roofing material, packaging, zip-ties, and other trash. Instead of spending hours cleaning up, consider hiring a company that offers services for household waste disposal.

waste removal

Many people think that junk removal services used by homeowners are only for trash on the interior of the home. The truth is that a reputable company handles jobs both inside and outside. Not only will it load a truck with unwanted mattresses, broken appliances, old furniture, bags of clothes, yard debris, and other similar items, but also waste associated with roofing projects.

After a long day on a hot roof performing hard labor, the last thing you want to do is pick up the junk on the ground. Depending on the size of the roof, that process could take hours. Then, when you consider that you have to do this over the entire course of the roofing project, you begin to realize that you will be spending a lot of time gathering trash along with putting on a new roof.

The other issue is that once you have the junk loaded into a truck, you then have to find a place where you can take it. While some of the material might not be that challenging, if you used any type of tar or potentially hazardous material when roofing, you cannot take it to a standard dump. Instead, you would have to find a certified dumping station that properly disposes of those materials according to the law. Again, that increases the amount of time you spend on the junk aspect of the roofing project.

A Better Solution

What if, instead of dealing with the trash, you hired a company that provides residential junk removal services? Before even starting a roofing project, you would meet with a company representative to outline a plan. For instance, you may want a team to come by every day after you and your crew finish working to pick up the trash and haul it away, or perhaps you prefer them to stop by just once after completing the entire project.

Keep in mind that if the roofing project is in an established neighborhood, out of courtesy, you should have a company clean the mess up daily. In addition to keeping the neighbors happy, if the home is part of a homeowner’s association, you can avoid hefty fines that you might be charged for leaving trash on the ground.

Reliable and Affordable Services

At 1800-Rid-of-It, we provide outstanding junk removal services. We take extreme pride in what we do, always striving to surpass the customer’s expectations. The next time you have a roofing project, give us a call.

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