How to Make Disposal of Construction Waste Eco-Friendly

It’s probably pretty rare for you to hear “construction waste” in the same sentence as “eco-friendly,” but with the help of construction waste disposal, you can achieve the combination.

construction debris removal

Construction jobs can leave behind a wide range of debris including drywall, nails, glass, wood, and assorted metals – all of which add up to a headache during and after construction. So what do you do about it?

The bulk of Construction Waste is Recyclable

Chances are the materials you are left with after a renovation or bigger construction project are recyclable. For example, concrete can be reused as material for roadways, while wood can be used for particleboard. Asphalt from used shingles can be broken down into new shingles or can be used in road repairs.

Metals can be recycled for a number of purposes depending on the type, while even drywall might find a new life – even as new drywall, as the material does not degrade easily over time. The bad news is that drywall is taken to a dump and incinerated, it can release toxic fumes.

The same goes for a lot of what you’d find in construction waste. If it ends up in a landfill, it can have negative consequences for the environment. But construction waste removal services can ensure it’s hauled to the right sites that can recycle the materials when possible.

Eliminating The Workload

If you’re a DIY type or even a contractor, you know how much construction debris can get in your way. Having construction waste disposal in Toronto can be a benefit for two reasons – the company can help ensure it’s recycled, and also save you time (not to mention energy) from cleaning up so you can quickly move onto the next phase of the project (or wrap it up.)

You’re in the business of building, not clean up, so that’s why you should leave that part to construction waste removal services.

Don’t Mess With Your Investment

There are many good reasons for some construction and renovation – whether you’re changing the basement, adding a bathroom, building an addition, or even creating a structure from scratch. They can all end up increasing the value of a property in the long run, so why be sloppy with the cleanup?

An experienced construction waste disposal company can ensure the debris is taken away safely, without damage to your premises, and recycles most of what it collects. Learn more from 1-800-Rid-Of-It, and how to take advantage of 10% off pickup of outdoor items.

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