How to Lessen Waste On Construction Sites

Waste is a reality on almost every construction site – including home construction. The problem is not just the waste itself, but that much of it could be re-used if you have a plan ahead of time and use construction waste disposal services.

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Plan Your Project Ahead

One way to reduce waste to be dealt with by construction debris removal is by knowing exactly how many materials you require for your project, which will require a detailed plan from a designer or architect. Meanwhile, aim to buy standard lengths for items such as siding and pipes to reduce the amount of waste afterwards. For example, there are taller wall panels you can use that will not only reduce waste, but will also better protect the structure from air leakage (thus reducing the need for filler strips.)

It can take some extra work to sort out construction debris for what can be re-used, but doing so can go a long way. While you can toss all of the extra materials into a bin to be handled by a construction waste removal specialist, it’s also wise to hang on to any items such as wood that could be used for patches or shims (try to keep the useful materials separated to see what’s available.) The trick is to pull from the “leftover” piles when you need a certain item, rather than diving into your new inventory.

Re-use, Recycle or Donate Materials

If you’re not in a position to sort your materials – which could include tiles, drywall, shingles, or concrete as examples – you can let a construction waste disposal company deal with it instead. Many of these companies recycle a large portion of the items on your behalf, and can arrive during or after a construction project is completed.

If you’re left with items from renovations such as sinks that are still in good condition, you can try selling them. Some construction debris removal services will donate usable items following collection.

By reducing waste on your construction site, you’re lessening your impact on the environment – which also means fewer non-renewable resources will be needed thanks to recycling where possible. You’re also potentially saving money by not buying excess materials that will end up in the trash.

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