How To Get The Best Bang For Your Buck From a Junk Removal Company

When it comes to choosing junk removal in Vaughan that provides the best value, there are a number of factors to consider. Some follow different pricing procedures and protocols, and that can affect how much you pay as a customer.

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Remember Not All Truckloads Are Equal

Most York Region junk removal will quote you a price depending on truckload, whether it’s a partial or entire load. While that pricing model is fairly straightforward, consider this: not all junk removal services in Vaughan use the same size of vehicles.

Do some research to find out what the actual truck sizes are in cubic yards. A full load from one company may work out to being cheaper than another! Also find out if there’s a minimum charge if you don’t have a huge amount of junk to dispose of, or an extra charge if you have extra-heavy materials.

Make Sure The Crew is Properly Insured

Most junk removal in Vaughan is handled by licensed, experienced professionals, who are trained to remove heavier items from buildings. However, accidents do happen – but what happens next is also important.

Make sure the company you hire has insurance that covers any worker injuries on your site, as well as any accidental damage to your premises. You don’t want to be stuck paying for repairs or even compensation from your own pocket!

Get The Right Equipment Included

Aside from physically capable crew members – a team of two is ideal to lift heavy items – you should also check what other equipment is included in the price from Vaughan junk removal.

For example, are you paying extra for a dolly, shovels, a ladder, wheelbarrow, or anything else that might be needed for the job? Some of this equipment might be standard in the price, while others can be add-ons. Also ask if brooms are included for a quick clean up after the items are removed.

Find Out if Multiple Sites Can Be Handled at Once

What if you have some junk you want to clear out of your home, and some more you want to toss from a storage unit a few blocks away?

Call ahead to find out if junk removal in York Region will charge as two separate jobs in this case. Some junk companies will handle multiple sites as one job, as long as they are within a reasonable distance from each other.

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