How To Get Rid Of A Used And Old Mattress

A good mattress is essential to a good sleep, which is essential to proper functioning throughout your day. But there will come a time when that trusty mattress of yours will need to be replaced, which is one reason to call for mattress disposal in Toronto.

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Estimates put the life of a mattress at an average of 7 to 10 years, but some can last for a longer or shorter time depending on how it’s used and its initial quality.

It’s not an easy item to donate, because if it’s no longer working for you – then it probably won’t work for anyone else either. When your mattress is no longer providing the support you need, here’s what to do.

Arrange For a Pick-Up Exchange

When you’re shopping for a new mattress, there are many options to consider: how hard or soft it is, the size, the quality of the materials, and of course the price. But here’s another thing to consider if you’ve narrowed your search down to a few stores: choose the one that will pick-up and dispose of your old mattress when they deliver the new one.

Or, if you get such a great deal from a store that doesn’t pickup that you can’t pass it up, then do a search for mattress disposal near me.

Put It At The Curb

Many municipalities offer a bulk pickup service for larger items such as mattresses and couches. However, don’t just put it out at the curb on garbage day and hope for the best. Most of these municipal services require you to call the city administration first to arrange a day to get it.

This might require you to put a plastic wrap or tarp over the mattress so it doesn’t become waterlogged or infested while you await mattress removal in Toronto.

Another option is to break down the mattress into components to place in individual garbage bags if you don’t want to wait for the bulk pick-up. But keep in mind there’s often a bag limit, and this method can be messy and tiring.

Call a Junk Removal Service

If you’re looking for mattress disposal in Toronto, then you can always call a company that can handle it for you. Some services that offer mattress removal in Toronto will remove it safely from your home and haul it away, saving you the extra effort.

Find out more about why to call a service to rid you of your used mattress from 1-800-Rid-Of-It.

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