How to Find the Right Bin for Your Garbage

Junk removal companies offer two main services. The first entails going to a customer’s home and business to gather, haul away, and dispose of unwanted items. Second, they offer garbage bin rental in Toronto. For people who prefer to take their time in tossing out items, the second option is ideal.

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For instance, if someone wants to remodel one or more rooms in their house, and they plan to do the majority of work themselves, it makes sense to choose a bin rental for their Toronto property. That way, they can fill the container as the work progresses. Once full or after completing the project, the individual will contact the same company that provided the garbage bin rental services to retrieve it.

Many people feel this takes a lot of pressure off of them. After all, they can opt for a garbage bin rental in Toronto for as long as they need. In other words, they don’t feel they have to hurry to get everything together for a team of experts to pick up. The key when renting a container is to choose the appropriate size.

Of course, a reputable company that provides garbage bin rental services will assist the customer in any way possible. If necessary, a representative will take a trip to the property to better understand the customer’s needs. The company can always deliver a second container if needed. However, it also uses guidelines when making recommendations.

Different Sizes

When it comes to bin rental in Toronto, there are various sizes. These include 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, and 40 yards. People need to remember these numbers are in cubic feet, not the actual size of the container. That simply means a 5-yard bin can hold 5 cubic yards of material, a 10-yard would hold 10 cubic yards, and so on.

Project Requirements

Although garbage bin rental in Toronto is beneficial to just about everyone, each project is unique. People need to consider the size and type of job when selecting a container to rent. If someone plans to renovate a single bathroom, there’s an excellent chance the 5-yard bin would suffice. However, if a landlord needs to toss out an evicted tenant’s possessions from a two-bedroom apartment, the task would probably require a 15-yard container.


Garbage bin rental services vary in price depending on the size. For this reason, it is important for customers to work with a respected company that offers competitive rates.

We Can Accommodate Your Needs

At 1-800-Rid-Of-It, we have an outstanding team of experts who can do all the junk pickup on your behalf. We also have top-quality bins for rent. For your upcoming project, give us a call.

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