How to Dispose of Yard Waste in Toronto

For waste removal in Toronto, the city helps. By offering free pickup of yard waste every other week on the same day, it collects regular garbage. The schedule begins in mid-March and goes through the middle of December. In January, the city also picks up waste, including Christmas trees.

waste removal in Toronto

What happens is the city of Toronto takes all the yard waste and turns it into compost. Some of that goes to organizations at no charge. According to recent statistics, the city also collects roughly 80,000 tons of waste from landfills annually. With yard waste removal in Toronto, you can dispose of small stumps, tree limbs, leaves, brush, weeds, corn stalks, pumpkins, and again, Christmas trees in January.

As part of the city’s yard waste management program, some things you cannot put out for pickup. As an example, it will not dispose of things like sod, grass clippings, and soil. For those items, as well as all the other waste mentioned, you can also take advantage of a company that provides waste removal in Toronto.

The benefit of using a professional service for yard waste in Toronto is that along with smaller items, the right company will dispose of larger things. Considering the affordability and versatility of using a waste removal company, you may opt to go this route for everything or you can utilize the free services provided by the city in conjunction with added services.

Something else to consider is when you hire a company to haul away yard waste in Toronto, the experts can remove bags of clothing, old tires, broken furniture, construction material, damaged appliances, and a host of other items. In fact, the right company can even pick up and dispose of hazardous materials. For that, the experts take the materials to a certified facility that handles car batteries, paint, solvents, fertilizer, and so on.

Also, a professional company that offers services for waste removal in Toronto recycles. Anything that you no longer want or use, it takes to a recycling center. Not only do you end up with a clean home or business, but at the same time, you make a decision that helps protect the environment.

If you decide to have the City of Toronto haul away waste, you need to follow specific rules. For instance, you must place waste in Kraft paper bags or containers with a rigid open top. Also, all waste goes next to the garbage bin and must be out before 8:00 p.m. the night before your scheduled trash pickup date.

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