How to Dispose of Old Furniture The Right Way

Not every office is the same, but almost all of them have one thing in common – furniture. And there comes a time when you’re renovating or moving locations that you will want an office cleanout service on your side.

Furniture Removal

Furniture is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to an office cleanout. It’s bulky, heavy, and sometimes needs to be navigated from upper floors of a building. The hardest way to deal with it is by dragging it to the curb yourself. This approach takes time, effort, and might also lead to damage to the premises or even personal liability.

Consider What to Keep

If you’re moving into a new location, then do some homework beforehand. More specifically, compare the square footage of the new space to your existing space. If you want to keep your existing furniture, will it all fit? Complete an inventory – it’s a waste of time and money to transport bigger items, only for it to not work in the new digs.

For the items that don’t make the cut, you have other options rather than dealing with it on your own. You can call on an office furniture removal expert, who is hopefully insured and can handle larger items with ease.

Sell or Donate Used Furniture

Your other options include selling the items, but that can take time. You’ll need to list them on an online marketplace, and potentially negotiate a selling price. Keep in mind you may also need to deliver the items, depending on the agreement.

You can also find a worthy organization in your neighbourhood that can use the furniture. Again, this will likely mean hauling the items to them, unless they’re willing to arrange a bulk pickup.

However, if you go with an office cleanout service, the donation option is still on the table, so to speak. That’s because many junk experts maintain lists of organizations in need, which can use certain items like desks, tables and chairs. Except in this case, the office furniture removal company will do all of the heavy lifting for you.

Less Impact on Your Team – And The Environment

Moving and renovating can be a huge disruption to your team, which can lead to lost productivity. Your goal is to minimize this impact during the process, while also disposing of your unwanted items in an environmentally friendly way.

Choosing a partner for your office cleanout means the disposal will be done efficiently, without any drain on your staff. Not only that, but the collected items can then be donated or even recycled. Furniture contains many reusable materials such as wood that can be used in new products!

When you choose office furniture removal, they will handle everything from removing the items from your premises to ensuring it gets to the right place – while reducing impact on the landfill.

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