How to Dispose Of Area Rugs

Area rugs – they’re a great way to add charm to a space, as well as making a hallway less slippery on hardwood. They can be simple or ornate, and some of them can be quite valuable. However, perhaps your area rug is looking a bit tired, and you’re thinking of getting rid of it through junk removal in Mississauga.

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However, the first thing you should ask yourself is: do I really need to throw it out? Chances are if you dispose of it through a municipal collection program rather than junk removal services in Mississauga, it will end up in a landfill. Consider whether a thorough cleaning can remove the stains that are bothering you, or if it can be restored if it’s of some value (like if it’s made of silk, for example.)

Consider Selling It Or Donating It First

If you’re definite about wanting to get rid of the area rug, then you should consider other options before rolling it up and leaving it at the curb. One option is to sell it through an online marketplace. If the rug still has some value and is in relatively good shape, you might get some takers. Otherwise, you can call around to local charities to see if any of them could use a rug (before dropping it off.)

Mississauga furniture removal companies often maintain lists of households or organizations that can benefit from second-hand items. By calling Mississauga junk removal instead of relying on city pickup, you might be able to give the area rug a second life where it can be appreciated again.

Area Rugs Contain Recyclable Materials

If there’s no suitable donation opportunity, junk removal services in Mississauga may also be able to take it to a recycling facility. You might be surprised to know how many reusable components of carpeting there are. For example, it might be made into a new carpet or area rug, and some components could end up as new vehicle interiors. Since many area rugs/carpets are made mostly from plastics, there is a full range of products it could be turned into post-use.

By recycling or reusing, you also lessen the impact on the environment. Not only from diverting waste from landfill, but by avoiding more plastics from being manufactured – which rely on fossil fuels.

Learn more about the proper ways to dispose of an area rug and other common household items through Mississauga junk removal from 1-800-Rid-Of-It, and save 10% on pickup of outdoor items.

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