How to Deal With Office Furniture in an Eco-Friendly Way When Moving Out

One of the biggest challenges to businesses when moving out of a space is how to deal with all of the furniture, especially if it’s in your lease contract to ensure the space is emptied upon departure.

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No doubt if you’ve occupied the space for some time, there will be outdated and broken desks, chairs and more that don’t have to come with you to the new location. This is where office furniture removal comes into the picture. Once you’ve inventoried all of the furnishings in the office, including meeting tables and chairs, the company handling office junk removal in Toronto will have a much clearer picture of the next steps.

Millions of Tons of Furniture End Up in Landfill

More specifically, working with same day office junk removal means you can have the obsolete pieces hauled away to the appropriate waste station to be recycled if possible. This is a much more eco-friendly alternative to tossing the items in a landfill, where they can give off harmful VOCs. In the U.S., more than 17 billion pounds of office furniture/equipment ends up in a landfill each year as of 2015 – and that number is on an upward trend, which is similar to Canada’s situation.

Aside from recycling if possible, some office furniture removal companies may be able to donate the furnishings if they’re still in usable condition. This is an easier method than trying to re-sell the items or bringing them to a charitable organization yourself, that may not be able to accept them – meaning wasted time and effort.

More Than Just Desk and Chairs

Aside from chairs and desks, there are other office furnishings to consider for office junk removal in Toronto to handle for you. For example, your office likely has shelving, cubicle partitions, and even carpeting if it wasn’t already there when you moved in. There could also be old appliances and equipment that you’re required to remove, which same day office junk removal likely can also take care of for you, such as photocopiers, fridges, outdated computer equipment, and more.

The bottom line is that using office furniture removal can help you dispose of unnecessary furniture in a more responsible way whenever possible. Not only that, but you will have a lot fewer items to deal with to transport to your new location or put into temporary storage!

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