How Certain Stuff Makes Your Home Unsafe

Your home is your safe place for you and your family – right?

Well, it turns out there could be some “stuff” lurking in your home that you might’ve forgotten about that can actually pose a hazard. That’s why it’s important to keep an inventory of your household junk and determine if it’s suitable for junk removal in Vaughan.

Aside from waste that’s actually marked hazardous (which we’ll get to a little further into this blog) there are some other items destined for junk removal companies that can actually be a danger to your family or anyone that visits your property.

Garbage removal

Certain Construction Materials

If you’re in the midst of a home renovation, or you’ve completed one recently, then you know how quickly waste materials such as drywall, nails and glass can pile up. Sure, you can tuck them away in the basement or even a shed for a while, but there’s no guarantee no one will trip on it and potentially be cut or injured.

Find a junk removal service that can handle hauling away all sorts of construction waste, and consider scheduling the removal during or right after the work is done so materials don’t accumulate.

Paper and Cardboard

Having stacks of paper and cardboard might seem somewhat harmless. But both of them can become a potential fire hazard. Also, paper materials can encourage mold growth after a while due to humidity.

While mold may not pose an issue if it’s contained, it can also become airborne if disturbed and potentially trigger allergies among your family. So instead of letting boxes and documents pile up in your basement, consider junk removal in Vaughan as an easy alternative.

Yard Waste

You might not think of yard waste as potentially harmful, but doing a yard cleanup and leaving the leftovers laying about your property is not ideal. Not only can it become a tripping hazard (especially if you have kids playing in the outdoor space), but it can also attract unwanted pests.

Standing water around yard waste can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes, so be sure to clear your property of any clippings or dead leaves quickly with help from junk removal companies.

Learn To Read The Symbols

There are generally four symbols you might see on household products that need to be disposed of properly: poison, corrosive, flammable, or explosive.

However, a junk removal service generally will not pick up items such as paint, chemicals/solvents, medical (bio) waste, batteries (including automotive), asbestos, furnace oil, or tires. Those types of materials need to be collected through your province’s hazardous waste collection program.

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