How Canada Can Catch Up in Waste Management

Canada has a lot going for it – it is consistently ranked one of the best countries to live in throughout the world, and it offers an abundance of natural beauty.

waste removal in Toronto

However, one area that Canada is lagging behind in is waste management, which is a goal of waste removal in Toronto. When it comes to how we deal with trash, Canada is actually ranked fairly low among developed countries. The country still has a record of dumping millions of tonnes of waste into landfills every year instead of recovering most of it.

However, aside from possible contamination of land and water from waste products, there’s a huge opportunity with the help of waste removal services. Many of the items that end up in landfills contain materials that can be recovered, which is something that many trash removal companies are diligent about.

Why We Need To Address The Waste Problem

If you haul away all your junk to a landfill and forget about it, thinking it won’t affect you in any way, think again. The thousands of landfills across the country can leach chemicals into groundwater, and also release harmful emissions that can contribute to climate change that affects everyone.

Not only that, but the cost to maintain these landfills is high, and the money could be used in better ways. It also creates more demand for waste disposal facilities, which also costs money to build and operate. This also means that some recyclable products may end up in a landfill simply because there’s not enough capacity at existing facilities to handle it all. There are also several types of materials that could be re-used, but are not accepted by some municipal pickups – unlike companies that specialize in trash removal.

Materials Can Be Recovered

Furthermore, there’s a lot of money hidden in garbage in the form of recoverable metals, minerals and other valuable components that are sitting in a waste heap. Waste removal is Toronto is an efficient way to ensure these types of items end up at the right transfer station where they can be salvaged.

In a perfect system, there will be no waste that is not recyclable or biodegradable. This would take a major shift in consumer and company behaviour. But in the meantime, waste removal services can help bridge the gap to ensure much more ends up being recovered and re-used rather than rotting in a heap!

Learn more about how Toronto waste removal can help you improve your own environmental footprint while reducing the amount of overall waste ending up in landfills across the nation and beyond from 1-800-Rid-Of-It, and save 10% off outdoor pickups.

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