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The Japanese have a minimalist concept called “Ma” that celebrates open space. There’s another term in Japan, “Mottainai,” that basically denounces waste.

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There is definitely merit to both. Clutter in the home or workplace has been shown to increase stress while throwing out items without consideration often leads to more landfill. Here in North America, we can embrace both of these Japanese concepts by reducing the amount of junk in the home with the help of junk removal in Oakville, while also ensuring it gets properly reused or recycled.

But how do you narrow down what should stay and what should go to help you embrace this minimalist mindset? Here are some tips to help you sort through your belongings.

Determine What Is Actually Valuable

Humans are generally a sentimental bunch, meaning we hang onto items that remind us of something. However, the problem is that we end up hanging onto a lot of items for this reason, although they serve no real other purpose.

You have to look critically at each item to decide if it’s actually useful, and if it isn’t, then it’s time to let junk removal services in the Region of Peel take care of it for you.

Identify What Can Be Used Again

Lose the “if I don’t need it, no one else does” line of thinking. If you’re sorting through old books or toys that are no longer relevant to you, think about whether another family could get the same enjoyment out of them as you once did.

An Oakville junk removal service not only recycles items when possible, but they often maintain lists of charitable organizations and households that could give your belongings a second life.

Designate Items to Specific Spaces

When you’re inventorying your belongings, make a list of which room in the house it fits into, either functionally or to enhance the decor theme in that space. If it doesn’t fit into any room in your home, you have two options: create new storage solutions that keep them out of view, or get rid of them through junk removal in Oakville.

If you have items of actual value that don’t seem to fit anywhere, then using containers in closets is one example of how to keep them from being an eyesore while still being easily accessible.

Remember Less Can Be More

While it can be a challenge to part with items you’ve held onto for so long, it’s important to remember what you’ll gain by using junk removal services in the Region of Peel to haul them away. Namely, you’ll have more floor space, while also gaining peace of mind.

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