Has Your Hot Tub Turned to Junk? Here’s What to Do

Getting a hot tub seemed like a great idea at the time. It provided peace and relaxation, while maybe even having some therapeutic benefits. But perhaps it’s broken now, or you simply don’t have time to use or maintain it anymore.

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So what next? Do you just leave it in the same place taking up space in your home (or in your backyard)? Or do you try to remove it from your property with the help of a junk removal service?

The DIY Approach

Before you try to deal with it on your own, remember there many components of a hot tub – including some that are potentially hazardous. You’ll have to properly disassemble it if you’re looking to haul it to the dump (using a sufficiently equipped vehicle, which you may have to rent.) You’ll also have to know which waste station each component needs to go to – which can be a headache, especially if you get turned away.

However, the best junk removal service will haul it away for you after you’ve done some basic prep work like unhooking gas and power lines, saving you valuable time and effort. Better yet, they already know what items can be recycled and what can’t.

The Trade-In or Selling Option

If you actually wanted to keep a hot tub around, then instead of tossing the old one in favour of a new one, you could try using it for trade-in value or selling it. Talk to local dealers about the opportunities to trade in your existing unit, and whether they will haul away the old one when they install the new one.

Of course, you could also list your hot tub in online marketplaces, but then you might be responsible getting it to someone depending on the terms. Even if you aren’t, you’ll still have to disconnect it to make it ready to be picked up. These, along with a junk removal service, are a great way to divert material from landfill as many of these junk removal companies look for recycling opportunities.

Using Junk Removal Companies

As mentioned, the easiest and most efficient way to rid yourself of an old or broken hot tub is through a junk removal service, which can do the heavy lifting and make sure the components get to the appropriate place.

However, you’ll want to deal with the best junk removal service that has experience disposing of larger items and can recycle the parts if possible. Learn more from 1-800-Rid-Of-It and save 10% off pickup of outdoor items.

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