Eliminate Junk As Part of Your Spring Cleaning

Just because spring has passed does not mean that you should avoid “spring cleaning.” After months of having your home closed up, this is the perfect time to create a more pleasant environment. Along with the more routine tasks that go hand in hand with spring cleaning, such as washing the windows, cleaning the screens, cleaning out the refrigerator, and so on, there is another important aspect to consider.

This year, make junk removal a part of your spring cleaning venture. Start by setting up three boxes in each room of your home with a closet, labeling one box “toss,” another “recycle,” and the third “donate.” Then, go room by room, emptying out closets and placing items in the appropriate boxes. Be objective, meaning that if you have items you no longer want or use, get rid of them. Everything left is placed back in the closet in a neat and orderly fashion.

Once you finish going through the closets, move to the kitchen. As you did before, go through all of your cabinets that contain cookware, pots and pans, utensils, and gadgets. Then, set up the three boxes and begin eliminating things that you no longer use or want. After putting the things that you do want to keep back in the cabinets, finding things to cook with becomes much easier.

Now, go to the bathrooms, again opening the cabinets and drawers and going through the same exercise. As the last room for your spring cleaning, head to the garage. Typically, this is the part of the house that takes the longest, so if you need a few days break, take it. That way, you will have a clearer mind.

After you have completed the clearing-out process, you can then work on traditional spring cleaning tasks. For this, make a list of the different things that you want to tackle. As you did before, go from one room to the next until everything looks great and smells clean and fresh. Once your spring cleaning is over, you and your family can enjoy the rest of the summer.

To simplify your spring cleaning, call us at 1-800-Rid-Of-It. We will come to your home, load up all of your boxes, and take them to the appropriate disposal site. You can even toss out chemicals and other toxic substances, and we will handle them accordingly. Visit our website or call us today to get started.

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