Does Household Hazardous Waste Make Your Home Unsafe?

It’s lurking in your home and office, even if you don’t know it. And it could potentially do harm unless you turn to junk removal in Pickering.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re talking about hazardous waste. You probably have some of it in your kitchen or bathroom, and maybe the garage or shed. Or it could be lurking out in the open.

In fact, a lot of household products that you may not consider a danger can contain potentially hazardous chemicals. So what are they, and how can junk pick-up help?

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So What Is Hazardous Waste?

There are many different classes of hazardous waste, from cleaners to solvents. You’ll know there are potentially dangerous substances in the containers from the labels: companies are required to put symbols on the packaging to indicate their presence.

Generally, the types of hazards include poison/toxic, such as in the case of some batteries, pesticides, and even certain medicines. Corrosive materials can cause major irritation to the skin and include bleach and other common cleaners.

You’ll want to check if the products are flammable, which will also be marked. Flammable items are at risk of combustion under certain conditions, and it won’t take much more than a spark in some instances. Examples include fuels, bug repellents (and other aerosol containers), and furniture cleaners.

Meanwhile, explosive items such as propane containers are under pressure, and can cause harm if heated or mishandled (which can affect the integrity of the cylinder.)

Even something as unthreatening as yard waste that can be dealt with through junk removal in Pickering can be harmful, but for other reasons – it could become a tripping hazard or attract biting insects.

Does It Make My Home Dangerous?

The answer to this question comes down to how the materials are handled. Certain solvents and chemicals can be dangerous for the environment if they are disposed of down the drain, while others can become a fire/explosion risk if they are stored or handled incorrectly. Of course, you’ll want to store these items out of reach of children and pets.

Junk pick-up is a good solution to get rid of some types of potentially hazardous items, like yard waste, but keep in mind there are some items like solvents, gas, paint, and bio-waste (medical) that will need to be dealt with through the province’s hazardous waste collection program.

Learn more about how to make your home or office junk-free and clear of hazardous materials from 1-800-Rid-Of-It.

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