Different Ways to Dispose of Old Mattresses

You may love your current mattress, but at some point you’ll need to replace it and that means teaming up with junk removal in Vaughan. While there are some sources that give a specific lifespan for a mattress, you’ll typically know when it’s time because you’ll probably wake up feeling stiff and sore from the lack of support.

junk removal in Vaughan

However, while you might see mattresses lined up along the street on garbage collection day, kicking it to the curb is not the only way to dispose of it. There are a few ways, including partnering with junk removal services in Vaughan. Let’s take a closer look at your options…

Donate Your Mattress

In some cases, you might be able to gift your mattress to someone in need if it’s still in usable condition (that includes being clean and dry, which may take some additional effort on your part.)

Take a look at some local charities to see if they can arrange a pickup of your mattress, or if you can drop if off to them if you have a suitable vehicle. (Some junk removal services in Vaughan maintain lists of families in need to donate items to.)

If you don’t find any charities that are in need of a mattress, you might also try giving it away (or selling for a small fee) through a local online marketplace. However, you should be up front about the age and condition of the mattress, as you don’t want to create any false leads.

Take It to a Recycling Centre

If your municipality will not pick up your mattress at the curb, then you can do a search for a local recycling center. Keep in mind that if your municipality does pick it up, it will most likely still end up in a landfill despite containing many recyclable materials.

Meanwhile, a Vaughan junk removal service may be able to pick it up and recycle it for you if applicable. Companies that specialize in junk removal in Vaughan already know which items can be taken to a recycling station and which cannot.

Choose Junk Removal Services in Vaughan

Of course, remember that junk removal in Vaughan can quickly and efficiently remove mattresses and other items right from your home or curbside without hassle.

Learn more about how to easily dispose of (or recycle or donate) a mattress without wasting time and effort from 1-800-Rid-Of-It and save 10% off pickups of items from outdoor spaces.

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