Different Kinds Of Dumpsters Used For Junk Pick Up In Toronto

An alternative to having a trained crew come to your property to haul away unwanted items is a dumpster for junk pick up in Toronto. In this case, the waste management company that you select will bring a dumpster to your home or business, which you then fill with anything that you no longer want. Once it gets full or you finish putting items inside, you contact the company, which, in response, picks it up and takes it away.

Even when renting a dumpster, a team of experts will sort through items placed inside, separating anything for donation or recycling what you don’t want. At the same time, the experts will pull out potentially hazardous materials, disposing of them according to current laws. Although there are numerous benefits of choosing this type of garbage removal solution, the fact that you can work at a comfortable pace lands at the top of the list.

junk pick up in Toronto

One type of dumpster is the roll off. Along with an open top, it is a rectangular shape and, therefore, available in a broad range of sizes. Also, this dumpster has wheels that make it easy to move from one area to another. For disposing of materials associated with a newly constructed, renovated, or demolished building, this is a perfect choice. Usually, there are different rules as to the type of material allowed inside of a roll off dumpster, so if taking this route, you need clarification from the company.

There is also a standard dumpster, which does have a top. Because of that, there is no risk of anything inside getting tampered with or blown away. Because this is strictly cubic, there are limitations when it comes to size variation. Something else to consider is that a standard dumpster does not have wheels. Therefore, once it gets delivered, it would remain in place until the waste removal company hauls it off.

Some companies also have dumpster bags in addition to actual dumpsters. You would fill this waste disposal bag the same way as if renting a dumpster. Once full, the bag gets hauled away. Dumpster bags can hold three cubic yards of debris with a weight limit of 3,300 pounds. As for size, they measure eight feet long, four feet wide, and 2.5 feet high. Not only are dumpster bags used outdoors, but you can also use them inside.

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