Debunking the Most Widely Believed Myths About Junk Removal

If you haven’t used junk removal in Oakville yet, then you’re possibly dealing with clutter the hard way – but why? Perhaps you’ve heard some misconceptions about the junk collection industry, and you’re hesitant to try.

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However, there are a few myths about the junk pick-up industry we’d like to help clear up. Despite what you might’ve heard about the services, ordering scrap removal in Oakville is an affordable and effective way to rid of your unwanted items.

Here are some biggies to bust:

All The Collected Junk Goes to Landfill

While not all collected materials are recyclable, it doesn’t mean they will all end up in a dump. In fact, junk pick-up companies generally strive to ensure that most of what it hauls is diverted from landfill.

Many items from metal to glass to plastic can see a new life. When you hire junk removal in Oakville, you can rest assured that all efforts are made to recycle your items. In some cases, useful items such as furniture may be donated to organizations in need via the junk company.

There are Many Hidden Costs

If you choose reputable scrap removal in Oakville, you should be able to get a fairly good idea of what you’ll pay up front. In some cases, the junk company may have to consider factors such as excess weight into the fee. In any case, you should use a company that can give you a solid estimate on-site.

Also consider the size of the trucks used by the Oakville junk removal company. If the company charges by the truckload, then you might be paying more for one company that uses smaller vehicles than another. Get a clear explanation of how the charges are applied.

They Only Handle a Few Types of Waste

Perhaps you think that junk pick-up companies will only collect the smaller stuff that’s easy to remove from the premises. However, most experienced junk removal in Oakville can deal with a wide variety of junk items that are non-hazardous (there are different procedures for those items.)

For example, if you have an old fridge in the garage that’s too heavy to move, no worries. A trained crew will be able to safely move it for you and bring it to the appropriate waste station. That also goes for other heavier items inside your building.

The truth is, scrap removal in Oakville can handle almost everything from construction waste to yard waste, as well as electronics (e-waste.)

Find Out For Yourself!

The best way to erase any misconceptions about the junk pick-up industry is by trying it! Once you’ve seen how quickly you can remove junk (in an environmentally friendly way), you’ll likely think differently.

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